SARP - Speech Analyzer Rapid Plot. Plotting vowels in F2-F1 scatter charts with multiple data sets




The SaRP tool, which is an extension to the programme Speech Analyzer version 3 or later, allows managing databases of spoken language samples and creating informative charts in an easy and interactive manner.
Key features:
Computer generated feedback on vowel production by language learners.
Designed for automatic or semi-automatic (interactive) retrieving of formant values.
Easily creates, saves and opens vowel charts. Fully configurable and easy to use.
Support for multiple data sets. Vowel charts comparison by superimposing control charts and user charts.
Numerical or visual/graphical editing of the charts and quick-commands: create, move, delete, lock/unlock markers.
Calculating and representing graphically the mean values.
Integrated library of vocal samples.

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